Recent Assignments

Here is a sample of recent assignments I've carried out

Large NZ Construction Company: 

Designed and built the integration between Salesforce and EdApp, a 3rd party Learning and Development system using Flow, Apex and Salesforce point and click configuration.

Designed and building a custom multi-step permit approval, expiry and renewal process using Salesforce Flow, Lightning Web Components and Apex as well as Salesforce point and click configuration.

Implemented Einstein Activity Capture for their Sales team, removing the requirement to manage the installation of software on a locked down desktop environment.

Refactored several Lightning Web Components to improve performance and scalability and to make them portable between test and production environments

Enabled multi-currency and built a Flow callout to synchronise NZD, AUD and FJD exchange rates every day

Improved an existing integration between Salesforce and Litmos, another 3rd party Learning and Development system using Flow callouts to allow resolution of failed synchronisation attempts

Built a Lightning Web Component to dynamically display project costs, revenue and profitability for monthly reporting 

Assisted the team tasked with updating Salesforce to comply with changes to the company's Chart of Accounts structure 

Small New Zealand Charitable Trust

Tidied up a very dated Salesforce implementation, migrated to Lightning Experience, removed much functional duplication & manual data entry and improved user adoption. Implemented Multi-Factor Authentication

Automated a constituent lifecycle management process using Salesforce point and click configuration, Salesforce Flow and a small amount of Apex development 

Implemented a Grants application process to simplify funding applications and improve compliance with grantor's obligations and requirements

Implemented an SMS-messaging solution to collect volunteer hours, record responses and generate milestone achievement dashboards

Converted the SMS-Messaging solution to use outbound emails and an inbound email service when the SMS provided increased their fees by a considerable amount making it uneconomical to use this channel for data collection.  Configured DMARC, DKIM and email relay to ensure deliverability of emails

Implemented a combination of Web-to-Lead and Flow to allow creation of new volunteer and coaching contacts directly from the charity's website, bypassing the Lead creation stage

Australian Home Healthcare Organisation

Assisted with the creation of a request for proposal for a large Salesforce implementation project and with the initial review of responses. Translated the shortlisted responses into business language for the Executive Team to be able to make an informed selection of vendor 

New Zealand Healthcare Organisation

Produced a high level system architecture to improve the efficiency of their billing processes and provided implementation guidance to the development team who were building an automated connection to ACC for billing and claims processing, having insourced Salesforce operations from a delivery partner following delivery of a minimum viable product/concept.

Developed a high-level architecture to help plan their future systems roadmap, outlining the lowest cost options to replace the current bespoke applications on the Salesforce platform

Coached their internal IT team (who were relatively new to Salesforce, but experienced in other technologies) to become self-sufficient and able to develop and deliver major enhancements to an implementation which they brought in-house from a partner

UK Professional Membership Organisation

Designed and implemented a membership management system for a 1,000 member organisation on the Non-Profit Success Pack.  

Built a lightweight CPQ solution for Professional Memberships and Continued Professional Education, using Flow. Delivered automated membership invoicing, payment processing and annual renewals.

Migrated data into Salesforce from Sugar CRM

Designed and configured scheduled payments import process using the NPSP Data Importer to allow members to pay by instalments and the organisation to always know the current payment status of every member

Designed an implemented a system to allow recording of professional exams and integrated with an external exam management system. This provides a 360 degree view of members exam results from within Salesforce. Built a document generation solution to produce exam certificates on success. 

Small Professional Services Organisation

Designed and built a simple Consulting services sales, time recording and invoicing system. 

Added banking APIs to automate payment reconciliation, payment reminders and overdue payment chasing for the organisation’s business accounts. 

Added multi-currency support to allow invoicing in both NZD and GBP. 

Added Open Banking integration to allow integration with a UK bank account.

New Zealand Government Department

Acted as Salesforce Solution Architect to support the department in their first Salesforce implementation. Provided advice and guidance on options proposed by the implementation partner and provided guidance on their advantages and disadvantages.

Helped to skill up the department's new to Salesforce Enterprise Architecture team and ensure that proposed solutions made the most from their Salesforce licenses

Global Charity - Australian Branch

Built and deployed a custom trigger within the NPSP Trigger Framework to allow custom accounting data stored in General Accounting Unit allocations to be synchronised across Campaigns, Opportunities, Recurring Donations and Payments.