Tips and Techniques

This is a placeholder page for oddities I come across, for useful tips and techniques and things I've built to solve problems encountered in Salesforce

An Unauthenticated Experience Cloud landing page which hosts a flow is blank. 

No errors are displayed, no debug logs are produced

Chrome Developer Tools shows very little but has got "ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE"

Click here to read more and find out what fixed it

I'm using Web-to-Lead and no Leads are appearing in my org when the form is submitted

...or some fields are blank when they have been entered on the W2L form

Click here to find out possible causes and how to debug what is going on

Using Flow to Populate Campaign Members from Opportunities based on Opportunity Stage

A guest blog article I wrote for Automation Champion

Link to Automation Champion blog article

A Utility and Lightning Component to disable and re-enable all or some, Flows

Detailed guidance, code and instructional video showing how you can easily disable and re-enable all or selected flows. You might want to do this when running bulk data loads.  

When it disables your flows, it logs which ones it has disabled and which version was previously active, so when you re-enable them, your org is returned to how it was beforehand

Link to Github Repository

If you need to be able to report on Asset Audit History in Salesforce

Salesforce has a standard feature which logs changes to records and these changes can be reported on using the standard Object History report.  Asset seems to be an exception to this. Salesforce logs the changes, but there is no standard report that allows you to report on them. There is an Idea dating back to 2015 requesting this feature, but no progress since then

I built a solution which uses a trigger to copy changed fields from your Asset records into a related custom history object - so you can then report on Asset history using standard Salesforce reports

Link to Github Repository

Using NPSP Data Importer to import regular payments against a single Opportunity

The Non Profit Success Pack has a nice Recurring Donation function which is aimed at your supporters making regular payments and each payment is a separate opportunity. What if you are running a membership scheme where members pay for their membership in instalments?

One customer of mine needed to be able to import details of payments from their bank statement in a CSV file and have them automatically matched to their membership opportunities which used scheduled payments

Here's an article that describes how to set this up in NPSP